Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Book of Eli

Having to work through my paper based journal (for my Liturgical Scrap book) I came across my write up of the Book of Eli. So I thought I would post it as I want to try and keep these resources togther.

  *****SPOILER ALERT*******

An interesting film which starts after the apocalypse, we are drawn into a back story as Eli walks alone along the road, encountering inhospitable terrain and violence.

As he travels he believes firstly he is called by God to take the book to a safe place and that God will protect him. In the back story we find out all Bibles have been burned during the war, and this maybe the only copy left.
  •  What does this say about God?
That God has a message for mankind and he has given them a second chance. In a slight twist when the Bible is printed (it is the first book off the press) it is put on a shelf next to other religious books including the Koran & the Torah, this seems to suggest a pluralistic approach to religion.

When he is asked what he has learned from reading the Bible, Eli says:
"To do to others as you want them to do to you"
 Gary Oldman (plays Carneige) always plays slightly unhinged villians and this one is no exception:
Carneige: "God is good"
Eli: "All the time"
C: "Some of the time" He then shoots Eli in the chest and says:
C: "Where is your God now?"
 Carneige wants the Bible to be able to control people.

  •  About man?

That man returned to chaos when given a second chance, that in rebuilding society it will be a multi faith as well as intellectual but those who are iliterate are abused by those with intelligence and power, there was no hospitality without a catch. Not exactly utopia.

  • God's nature?
God seems to be in the background, protecting his servant by sending Solara and later him getting to Alcatraz with the book, but God is not meek and mild.

Worth having a look at, I think it is better than the road.

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