Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus...

I have pretty much finished reading this book, I have a couple of chapters to go but I thought I would add a quote I have been ruminating on Spangler & Trevsberg quote a rabbinic parable:

There are four types among those who sit in the presence of the rabbis: the sponge, the funnel, the strainer and the sieve. 'The sponge', which soaks up everything. 'The funnel', which takes it in at this end and lets out at the other. 'The strainer', which lets out the wine and retains the dregs. 'The sieve', which removes the chaff and retains the fine flour.
(Spangler & Trevberg, 2009, 31)

I will  get round the book review when I get the book back (I thought it was good, so I lent it to a friend!).

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