Friday, 28 February 2014

Just another day?

Today was a surprise to me, it was quite emotional .  I'll talk about that another time. As you walk around you are surrounded by stone. Buildings are built out of it, you walk on it, sit on it, and it shelters you from the sun.

We saw the Jewish cemetery with the piles of stones to remember the dead, and I thought about the stones which were picked up to stone Jesus.

Then we visited the potential site of the high priest's house and Peter our Archdeacon took us to the courtyard ... where the rock petros failed...

There is so much more to say about this thought about stone but I'll leave it for now. Still getting used to camera so pictures will have to wait...


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Happy but tired Is the way I feel. A day of travelling but a warm reception once we were out of the airport! St George's Cathedral guest house is clean, restful, hospitable and beautiful.

It feels special to be here.

Journey to Israel

Travelling today to Israel has meant an early start. At least I'm not driving. I'm not sure what I am expecting yet. Absorbing some of the place, worshipping with Christians and hopefully understanding some of the challenges that christians face in this part of the world. I must also say as the rain has been pouring down, that some sunshine will be nice too, l have brought my running gear in expectation !