Monday, 25 April 2011


I am currently looking at the Salvation Army's Faith-Based Faciliation. Which, once I have fully got my head around it,  I will post. In the meantime here is S.A.L.T which is one part of the process:

They have developed four important things to remember when they visit a home or community- Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn & Transfer.

"In other words, encourage people to talk (stimulate), listen to and value their perspective and resources (appreciate), learn from their experience, situation and ideas (learn), capture their learning and share it with people in other communities (transfer)."

I think it is a great little tool for any form of facilitating the Salvation Army have been using it as a tool to develop understanding and deepen relationships. My experience of facilitiation is pretty poor for the most part, it is often about someone getting me to the end of the material prepared or to come round to their way (the companies)of thinking.

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