Saturday, 23 April 2011

What a day..

I was thinking about the crucifixion yesterday, and my thoughts turned to what the disciples thought after the crucifixion had happened. Jn 20, Mk 16, Lk 24 reminds us they were "at home" and "behind locked doors" some "were on the road", others "rested". We  know they were afraid, but we don't really know all the emotions they went through on that Saturday.

So I thought a little about it and would suggest that it is probably impossible to do justice to it but I put myself in their shoes for a few minutes:
I felt betrayed and alone, who else could know what I felt?
I saw them kill him, his image now forever marred in my mind, I remembered his body broken and his blood out poured, in that dry and dusty place as people just passed by. I failed him, I did not stand by his side, I fell asleep in the garden, I could only watch from a distance as they crucified my Lord. I felt small and guilty, it felt hopeless, ashamed I heard my mocking voice call out among the scoffers...

I can only reflect on Holy Week and Easter post Resurrection Sunday, knowing He rose again and is alive and reigns with Him...

But I know something of the doubts and frustration living in expectation and crying out from my very soul "Marantha" Lord Come. Railing against injustice and selfishness which so often is a mark of the world in which we live and sometimes the darkness seems overwhelming. Tomorrow is a new day and we shall rise with him.

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