Wednesday, 20 April 2011

16th Century and the Church of England

Thought I would post a quote from the often marginalised Martin Bucer:

"This is how we can faithfully serve the Lord: we should in an orderly manner elect and install ministers from every level of society. The aim is to have those who are trusted and loved by all, who are also gifted and zealous for this ministry and for true pastoral care...that way the five tasks of pastoral care will be performed: to seek and to find all the lost; to bring back those that are scattered; to heal the wounded: to strengthen the sickly; to protect the healthy and to put them to pasture" From Bucer's True Pastoral Care Summary.

Food for thought.


  1. .. from every level of society... now there's a challenge for the C of E!

  2. I agree Mattie. It is interesting that in other parts of the world the church is growing among the poorest I wonder what the social make up the Church in England is?


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