Thursday, 14 April 2011


This is my first post following on from the "New Conversations on Bonhoeffer's Theology" the graduate conference I attend at Notre Dame, Indiana:

I was nervous going along to a conference full of Ph.D. students and leading academics on Bonhoeffer; it was something I needn't have feared. All the people I met were friendly and what really impressed me is both the access to the keynote speakers and the way they each took time to talk with everyone. The quality of key notes and papers was a great mix.

I would be lying if I said I understood everything (I struggled a little with Philosophy), I was not overwhelmed. Instead I found it inspired me to read more and I enjoyed comparing Bonhoeffer's work with:

Bultmann, Heidiegger, Rahner, Rosenzweiz, Foucalt, Dilthey, Lacoste among others. 

But more than anything else it was the ethics section which really inspired me. This wasn't what I was expecting but maybe it confirms the direction I am planning on taking my dissertation. I seriously had to keep my hands in my pockets and not buy a shed load of books (I only bought 3). 

Bernd Wannerwetsch's keynote on Disability was great (I will post on some of the individual papers and keynotes later). Christiane Tietz on  'Bonhoeffer on the Ontological Structure of the Church' helped me join a few dots in my head and Robin Loven closed the conference with a rallying cry to join the 'New Conspiracy'.

It was well worth travelling all the way across the pond.


  1. Like the look of the blog.
    I'll link over at RevisingReform under 'St John's affiliated folk.'

    The conference sounds exciting and you reflect with such humility. Interested you might look at disability. I am trying to grapple with an approach to this having a father with MS. I'll follow your developments.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I am looking forward to adding some stuff on disability, I have spent some time reading on "theodicy" while I was on my chaplaincy post. I want to try and bring it all assignments allow!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time, Paul! I'm really pleased to hear it. Did you sign up to join Lovin's conspiracy then? It'd be good to talk more when we're back...I'm looking forward to your further thoughts and reflections on the papers.

  4. Thanks Michael, I am slowly putting bits on but need to finish these two assignements! Not doing too well at not being distracted...


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