Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Children and Theology

I can't remember who said it at college but one of the spirituality sessions in the first term talked of some of the poor theology we teach our children. He (it was a he) remembered reading a chidren's story of creation and the conclusion for creation was "God was lonely".

In our house we have two children's bibles, and a plethora of books (I think I will review some later). One thing I have noticed is that the devotional stuff for kids is often all about behaviour:

It is all very neat and tidy no lose ends etc. One thing I found when growing up was I always given black and white statements, don't do this, do this etc. As I read the Bible from cover to cover I found it gave rise to questions which I was also asking: Why does evil prosper and why do innocent people suffer...Particularly the Psalms.

I think though my little girl has provided a helpful guide at this time, Jesus grows up with her. He starts as a child as he came to her at Christmas and as she grows and she reads and experiences Jesus in other ways he will grow with her.

Yes I feel challenged to get rid of the naff from her collection, and to find good material which translates into her language but ultimately I trust God that by his grace he will call her and lead her as she grows and that Cath and I provide a safe place to ask questions. On the amusing side we had pictures of Jesus on the screen on Monday at college and when I said that was Jesus, our daughter said "no daddy,  Jesus is a baby", she then said "that's daddy" (I have a beard too). God has a sense of humour...

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