Saturday, 7 May 2011

College dress?

St John's College creating clergy since 1863

I know this is a pretty poor attempt but Andii sparked an idea for a new hoodie at college. Please add an alternate strapline or better art!


  1. St John's College...unisex toilets???

    Not sure that is what you were going for...


  2. Thanks for the credit Paul.
    Ben may have a point. My idea was to get a repro of a Victorian woodcut or early Punch-style cartoon with a vicar having tea with that catch-phrase (though I did wonder about "SJC -purveyors of fine clergy since ...". But I think the idea of having something more contemporary is worth exploring. You do call for better art, so I'd say Ben has the ball in his court for a better idea ... ?

  3. Oh, remembered, I actually tried the idea out ....
    -Assuming that can be accessed.

  4. I like the tag line, now for the art...


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