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Since being on placement I have had time to reflect upon the needs of our children in our churches (I can't blog too much on this as I have a placement project to write and this will probably part of the topic), the church I am in is in the same position as my time in Bangor. Having a handful of children with a large age range, how do you go beyond entertaining, and see our children grow in faith and given the opportunity to enjoy that faith?

It is a question which taxes many a Sunday schools in the UK (there are plenty of exceptions my sending church and my sister's church being notable exceptions). Having a great building here and plenty of volunteers (which is a major plus in any church), means that with a little direction and encouragement there is so much which can be done. Anyone who is part of the C of E should contact their diocese as the expertise and resources are around to look at which is what we did.

It was great to have the diocesan children's worker come and do a session with the Sunday school volunteers, it encouraged and enthused them. It led to an immediate change in the way Sunday school was set up, so the creche was extended (0-5) but the older ones have some activity but can play as well (they couldn't concentrate in the older group, my daughter being one of them).

But what resources should we use? Well plenty of recommendations have been forth coming, but it seems a trip to Dunham house is the way forward, plenty of resources to choose from. Not sure which route the church will take on this one but when each of the volunteers was asked why they were involved in this ministry and each one had slightly different motives, but the majority said because "Jesus calls us to".

*interesting times ahead*

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