Saturday, 29 October 2011

Candles- Light

This keeps coming back to me while meditating on Light. 

Each Sunday at my placement church people are given the opportunity to pray by lighting candles, the candles seem to me to help in two ways.

  • It is something physical- I think this really helps, because connecting with God sometimes feels remote, to know that the candle continues to shine after we have prayed 
  • It is something that helps locate the prayer- In the midst of change or trauma or incomprehension using a ritual reminds us again that he never changes even though we do
I am sure people have many reasons for doing it, maybe this is something they have grown up with but it helps.

People don't forget who they are praying to it just reminds them that the one they pray to does hear and in the familiar and the ordinary a plain candle can help as light brings hope...

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