Saturday, 26 March 2011

Finding Hope and Meaning In Suffering

I have finished my second lent book already, which probably means I need to crack on with assignment reading! The second book is:
Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering- By Rev Dr Trystan O Hughes (One of my former lecturers at Bangor).

It is an accessible book, but what makes it interesting is the website above. Not only does he refer to some interesting reading in the book itself but this is supplemented by the websites additional resources. I find it important, when considering an issue, that there is a variety of media to look at listen to and consider and this does this really well. This takes it from a personal read to something which could work as a Lent Resource or in a small group setting.

What about the content? It is not a theological treatise on theodicy, though it is something he has clearly thought about in the background, he is seeking to help those who are suffering to be able to look beyond what they are going through. He is giving hope. The clear pastoral concern is evident throughout and I would expect nothing less from a Chaplain and someone who has and is a fellow sufferer.

It is very easy for me to put my size 11's into it with a stray word, I remember doing that at University, engaging my mouth before my memory of someone's grief. The hope for Trystan is that God is not the author of our suffering but is present with us, he is known as the suffering saviour. Instead of suffering being a curse it can lead to greater appreciation of life.

I commend this book as a great resource to explore suffering. Maybe this book will help people to find God in the midst of real life and not some utopian view that Christians should always be healthy and wealthy .

This is only my opinion so feel free to disagree if you have read it.

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