Monday, 5 March 2012

L- Is for Leader?

Below is a link to a great reflection on leadership.

Have a read of Michael's blog page:

Theologisches Nachdenken...: Leadership, Priesthood, and Ministry: Some Reflect...

I don't want to summarise it for you as it is worth reading fully. But here are a few of my thoughts in response.

Having been on leadership training courses for banks and other similar organisations, I was always surprised at the inclusion of Biblical allusions. Yet often I am surprised at how little scriptural study is carried out on leadership course in the church. Could it be like Stanley Hauerwas suggests that we have lost the ability to speak Christian? Maybe a lack of confidence in the time eternal truth?

I also find we take on the language of management and success too eaily and see this in terms of the size of a church or amount of activity. But what do I know? Maybe the L in leadership is for learner...

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