Thursday, 1 March 2012

Free Track

Hi everyone, I don't normally do freebies but I really want to highlight Human Trafficking, it is something I have been reading a lot about recently and I feel strongly that it is sub human abuse of all that God has given us. I will do a longer blog post on this in the future but for now this will have to do.

Currently Matt Redman and L27 have written a great single which is aiming to help highlight this. Please consider downloading from here:

I am prepared to buy 3 copies of the song from Itunes for the first 3 who reply to this post (Not sure how that will work but I can figure it out).

The campaign is A21 here is a link:

The 21 things you can do is great idea.

You may not like Matt Redman, you may think this is just a bunch of Bible bashers, a cheap promotion and a way to make money but please consider doing this.




  1. No replies yet, so I will get the ball rolling, as every sale counts. As you probably know Paul, I don;t need the track, I was given a free radio copy for airplay, but have still bought at least 10 as gifts. So I will have one, but gift it to Aaron/Rach???

  2. Cool, I will send you a gift, you have four email addresses on facebook any preference?


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