Saturday, 5 November 2011

The week that was...

This week has been an interesting one, I suppose the biggest one has been the realisation that I have not really come to terms with dyspraxia. I am not at peace with it for several reasons:

  • College is so busy that taking time to actually think and read about it has been limited
  • I am still waiting for confirmation of study skills sessions (only completed one whole year of study)
  • When I talk about it, I often find people don't understand (why would they I don't)
  • I have been really clumsy this week (I have the bruises)
  • But mainly I have been grumpy with myself whenever I do something related to it (ie can't remember someone's name, bump into something, especially the bad key day)
I haven't lost perspective but I think I am on a different part of the learning curve. I suppose the denial (before being diagnosed) was several years so I shouldn't expect to get to integration already. It has been suggested that I do a project on dyspaxia and ministry and I think that this project is a fantastic way for me to really reflect and pray and find ways to adapt to life with dyspraxia.

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