Tuesday, 5 July 2011

10 Indispensible books on Ethics?

I have copied a link to andy goodliff's blog 10 indispensable books on ethics. It is something I am looking at myself for next years dissertation. My first book is Bonhoeffer's ethics, and his suggestion off Hauerwas, Wells, O'Donovan and Barth are no surprise but I was interested in Wannenwetsch having met him at the Bonhoeffer conference so I think I will take that up too.

But do you have any other suggestions?

I have added Chris Wright's Old Testament Ethics for the people of God and borrowed Herando De Solto's The Other Path. As I am looking at human rights this is my focus rather than sexuality etc.


  1. How about David Kelsey's "Eccentric Existence"? It's two fat volumes on theological anthropology but I think it's really good. I also like Ellen Charry, "By the renewing of their minds" which is a constructive account of the pastoral function of doctrine. Helmut Thielicke "Evangelical Ethics" I like but is hard work and Im not sure how succesful it is. Anything by Michael Banner is usually good. So many things to choose from! Also, what about the Church Fathers, Augustine? Thinking out loud now really... Good luck with the list!

  2. The criticism of being too current is sound but as with many subjects it is assumed that a basic knowledge exists (though how many courses require extensive rather than cursory knowledge of the arguments set out by the early church fathers or Gk philosophy). The suggestions are good though I think I realise that one reference text, one intro and then the more substantial is the way to go. I need to build on my degree course ethics. The BBC did a good intro to ethics though it did omit virtue ethics.


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